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  • iPad mini with Retina display running iOS 8 or iOS 9 recommended for our NEOD Acuity App (though any other iPad would work)
  • iPad mini with Retina display for our NEOD Phoropter Mount
Features (New in v1.2 released Feb 2016)

Our iOS app for iPad mini with Retina display, NEOD Acuity, has many features that are required in a clinical environment:

  • Interactive LogMAR charts
  • Near visual acuity measurement using standard optotypes
  • Refractive targets
  • Randomized design to prevent subjects to memorize the test
  • Keep track of visual acuity history, subject/patient information and prescription
  • Units conversion tool
  • Exporting of acuity data through email in HTML format
  • Database backup & import through email with overwrite, append and merge capabilities
  • Information about common eye conditions you can share with your patient/subject.

Numerous options are also available to customize acuity testing:

  • Simple or ETDRS acuity scoring
  • Choice of standard optotypes (Landolt C, Tumbling E, Sloan, HOTV, Kid and Numbers)
  • Choice of standard acuity units (foot, meter, decimal, VAR, logMAR, cpd)
  • Charts composed either of single letter, vertical or horizontal single line, or multiple lines
  • Specification of starting acuity for top line or bottom line and number of lines in multiple lines charts
  • Black letter on white background or reverse
  • Confusion bars
  • 4 or 8 orientations for Landolt C optotype
  • Distance units and near viewing distance up to 1.5 meters (5 feet)
  • Customization of luminance level and contrast level.
  • Customizable reading test using continuous text
  • Presets for favourite charts ("Create New Configuration" button in Settings)
  • Customizable size and appearance of Von Graefe, Cross-Cylinder, Mallet Fixation Disparity and Worth 4 Dot Targets
  • Option to lock a chart
  • Specifications for anaglyph glasses

Our patented NEOD Phoropter Mount for iPad mini features:

  • Easy gliding and fastening along any test distance on the phoropter rod
  • Functional for both left or right sided exam room configuration
  • Dual slot for iPad mini with Retina display and Near Card interface
  • Dual sided opening for patient testing and educational demonstration while mounted
  • Calibration markings on mount window for selected target distance while using iPad mini or Near Card
  • Finger cut out for easily removing iPad mini from slot.