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USA 1 124.99 USD   20.00 USD
USA 2 249.99 USD   35.00 USD
USA 3 374.99 USD   50.00 USD
USA 4 499.99 USD   65.00 USD
Canada 1 149.99 CAD GST/HST 20.00 CAD
Canada 2 299.99 CAD GST/HST 35.00 CAD
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Canada 4 599.99 CAD GST/HST 65.00 CAD



Our patented NEOD Phoropter Mount for iPad mini features:

  • Easy gliding and fastening along any test distance on the phoropter rod
  • Functional for both left or right sided exam room configuration
  • Dual slot for iPad mini with Retina display and Near Card interface
  • Dual sided opening for patient testing and educational demonstration while mounted
  • Calibration markings on mount window for selected target distance while using iPad mini or Near Card
  • Finger cut out for easily removing iPad mini from slot.